Welcome to the world of microsurgical instruments

We have manufactured surgical instruments for nearly four decades.               As a result of the very good quality and the high reliability of our instruments, the firm Manfred Böttler ( since 1988 ) has already achieved a good reputation at home and abroad under its previous name (Dieter Storz). We owe our success and the many years of experience to the quality goals we have set:

- Achievement of optimal customer satisfaction                             - Individual and special fabrications, new developments, flexibility       - Zero-defects production, “ Avoidance of mistakes comes before        removal of mistakes “                                                                               

That’s why our stated goal is:

Long-term safety and reliability of surgical instruments in order to safeguard customers and endusers of the product from possibel dangers.”

In order to achieve this goal, we have a complete quality management system which provides us with standards, requirements and the EC guidelines 93/42 EEC of the Medical Product Law.